Great books to read

I recently received some requests from non-Dutch readers asking which books are great to read. Hence the blog in English… For me, as in everything I do, I always would like to know what a person likes. Is he or she a romantic, is it for work or general interest, do they like beautiful sentences or prefer the equivalent of fast-food? Personally I have no judgement about what you read as long as you read.

When I worked in a bookshop, my most beloved challenge was to find a book for people who did not like reading or did not read much and find that particular book that would make them realise reading could be fun, entertaining or just very useful.

I’m a very strange reader. I binge read and I read everything from pulp to scientific works to poetry. I do have my favorites. Below is a short list which could be called my “one-size-fits-all” list. It is international and has something for everyone.

In no-particular order:

Haruki Murakami is my favorite author at the moment. When I read his books and short stories it gives my brain a massage. Norwegian Wood is a good place to start.

Timothy (Tim) Ferris’ Tools of Titans. Not a book to read as a story. It contains a ton of inspiration, useful tools, tips and tricks and is just fascinating.

I love poetry. The poetry of Carlos Drummond de Andrade is one of my favorites. It can be romantic and raw.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, a classic from 1937! Basically, the inspirational source of most business self-help books out there. And still valid to this day.

The Circle by Dave Eggers. You have to read the book and only then are you allowed to watch the movie. Very good writing on how our world is developing into an age of no-privacy and a real life big brother. In a way it’s our modern 1984 by George Orwell.

And to give the above list some female balance: An oldie and a book which made an ever-lasting impression and has several story lines: The Temple of My Familiar from by Alice Walker.